July 1 Metaverse Hospital Mediverse City Thank you for the flower planting crew.

On July 1, 2022, we held a flower planting event at the pre-opening Metaverse Hospital MediverseCity. We first gathered in the waiting room on Spatial. Last time, when we gathered directly at the event site, everyone’s curiosity made them go all over the place, so we laughed and realized it was difficult to gather in one place and explain the event, so this time we gathered in a waiting room with no door. By doing this, I could announce the URL of this waiting room in advance, and the venue on the day of the event could be smoothly operated by placing the portal inside this waiting room.

In order to give out commemorative NFTs as a benefit to participants, we have also set up instructions for creating MetaMask and OpenSea accounts in this waiting room. Mr. Tora from Metaverse Medical Cooperative University made this for us.
Click here to visit the waiting room.

First, I had the opportunity to tour MediverseCity, although it is not yet open. The facility includes an auditorium, a museum, a hospital, and other facilities where medical information is provided by healthcare professionals themselves. First of all, the theme is “pain,” and the explanations while looking at the 3D models will likely increase interest in the human body.

Then we all planted flowers together! I was quite impressed. It was quite impressive to see all the different ways they planted the flowers. It was beautifully done!

Lots of sunflowers over here! It’s summer. It would be a good photo opportunity to take a picture in front of the sunflowers.

Then, 3D models of organs in the square…! Since it is virtual, I am intrigued by things I can’t usually do! For example, trying to get inside the organs…!

I met a person in the lungs. LOL.

Mammoth bones were also found among the organs. It seems to be distributed by an official agency (sorry, I forgot the name…) and seems to have been modeled from real mammoth bones.

Last but not least, on the roof. It seems that Metaverse is a place where you really want to climb up to the heights. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope to open Mediverse City on August 10. We will continue to post information on
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We will keep you posted on our website.

Participation Memorial NFT