Thank you for Mother’s Day 2022.

Thank you to everyone who visited our limited space for Mother’s Day 2022. Although we had the idea of a virtual florist shop, we were not able to open it, but within a week of deciding to open it, we were able to build the Spatial space and open this online store.

It was a memorable day for me, as my avatar grew a leg just on the day of the opening. LOL!

This time, I tried to make the 3D model as lightweight and optimized as possible, and modeled the flowers without using effects that would not be reflected in Spatial. I had to remove the lotus flower that I had placed as a decoration. I will summarize Lessons learned in this issue.

When I introduced it on Discord, I was surprised to see people from many different countries. I realized once again that there are no national borders in the Metaverse. That should be the same for SNS and websites, but communicating in a space is something completely different from just texting or Zoom.

The taste of flowers is completely different when you see them in VR than when you see them in an image like this. they look more beautiful in VR, so please download and try to see them in VR. This time, since it was a Mother’s Day event, we offered a free download of 3D models of flowers related to Mother’s Day. We will periodically hold events where we create flowers for a specific topic and offer them for free download, so
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We hope you enjoy the event!

Next, we are planning an “Endangered Wildflowers Exhibit”. It will be open to the public in early June!

We look forward to serving you again.