How to join Spatial

3D models are on display in the Metaverse Spatial space; VR headsets are not necessarily required. You can also participate using your computer or smartphone. The link below is to the “Permanent Exhibition”. We regularly distribute free flowers at a limited number of stores.
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Take a peek at GardenBee in the video

Basic operation of Spatial avatar (PC version)

How to play in Spatial

Below are some basic operations and how to join Spatial!

Use Spatial without registering an account

Click on “Go to Spatial Space” above and you will see a field to enter a name. The name does not have to be your real name and can be in English or alphanumeric characters. Click “DONE” after entering your name.

You will then see a button to create an avatar, which you can close with an “X” if it is too much trouble. See “Creating a New Account in Spatial” for how to create an avatar.

To see what you can do with your avatar, go to “…” in the lower right corner and look under “Controls” for a guide.

You can move your avatar with the arrow keys on your keyboard, but you simply “left click” your mouse where you want to go. This is called teleportation. The left mouse click moves you, and the wheel in the middle of the mouse brings you closer or further away from your field of view. Perhaps this is enough for basic movement.

To log out of Spatial, simply close your browser.

Register an account to use Spatial

New Login Screen
Access the “New Login” screen. Click on “Use Email” to register by e-mail.

Enter your email address (What’s your email?).

Create a password. (Create a password) Enter a password of at least 8 alphanumeric characters. On the next screen, you will be prompted to confirm your password, so enter the same password.

You will see a message asking you to approve your email address before logging in, so check your mailbox.

The subject line of the email from Spatial is “Verify Your Email Address to Use Spatial” Click Confirm my account.

A confirmation regarding the Terms of Use will be displayed.

  • Subscribe to newsletter from Spatial (I want to receive news and feature updates from Spatial.)
  • I have reand and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and confirm I am at least 18 years old.

If you agree, check the second box.

Decide on a name for your avatar.

You can add a face to your avatar; if you have a webcam, you can take a picture of it with your webcam and set it up, or if you don’t have a webcam, you can upload a picture. Skipping (avatar without face / can be set later) is also possible.

On May 5, 2022, Spatial avatars will have legs and will be able to choose from more than just photos. The following description is of the previous version. We will replace it with the new version.

Upload the photo and click “LOOKS GOOD” if you like. To retake or re-upload the photo, click “RETAKE PHOTO.

An avatar is generated. You can change the color of the clothes and skin color. If it looks good, click “LOOKS GOOD. Some photos may look strange, in which case you can recreate them with “REGENERATE AVATAR”.

You will then see the screen of your first room. Once you enter the room, it is your space.

You can travel to popular spaces by clicking on “EXPLORE” at the top. Once you visit a space, it will appear in the “SPACES” section as your history, making it easier to revisit.

To go to the GardenBee space, please click the button at the top of this page again when you are logged in.