Virtual Flower Shop GardenBee

Flower production for Web, VR, and Metaverse

Even if it's virtual, it's flowery

Flowers are also produced in VR and within the Metaverse to fulfill the desire to send flowers to others.GardenBee is operated by CC, a 3D creator network in the Philippines.

Create & Contribute

CC" is a Filipino creator network whose vision is to produce content for the Japanese Web, VR, and Metaverse, and to donate a portion of the proceeds to the victims of natural disasters.

Spatial Space
Spacial space production

Original Space Production

Spatial is a metaverse platform.

Create your original space in Spatial. By creating a space where avatars can move, you can do many things on Metaverse, such as holding events, offices, community workshops, art galleries, and more.

We can also meet your corporate demand for flower production, installation, and rental of flowers for store opening celebrations, opening ceremonies, and events. Please contact us for more information.

3D Achievement Hall

Some of the 3D models on display

Spatial in video

Metaverse Platform Spatial

Spatial is a highly flexible platform, but it has various limitations for 3D models. All models on this site are optimized for Spatial.
We can also provide total solutions for other platform media, web production, and e-commerce site production.

WebRocket Metaverse Office Introduction

Moonbase HARU is used as an office.

How to place free data in your environment with Spatial

To get a better idea of the space, let's set up a variety of free data.